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Building Executables from Graiphic Toolkits

How to build an executable ?


    • Open GIM, select “Deployment” from the menu and click on “Post Build File“.


    • A window will open, in which you’ll find the file “Post-Build Action.vi“, which you’ll use to create an executable.


    • Create your executable and in the “Additional Exclusions” tab, uncheck “Remove unused polymorphic VI instances“, “Remove unused members of project libraries” and “Disconnect unused inline subVIs“.


    • Still in your executable’s properties, go to the “Pre/Post Build Actions” tab, check “Execute VI after build” and add the “Post-Build Action.vi” VI we retrieved in step 1.


    • Run the build and wait for the front panel to appear, which will allow you to retrieve the DLLs used by the GRAIPHIC toolkit.
    • On the first page, select the toolkit(s) present in your executable.


    • On the second page, select the hardware(s) compatible with the toolkit(s) in your executable.


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