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This section presents the different polymorphs contained in the library.


Sets up and adds the layer or activation to the model during the definition graph step.


Functionalities linked to the model.

Get & Set

Gets and sets model functionalities.


Formats the input data for the forward as well as the loss data.
Recovers the output of the forward and backward.


Metric function to judge the performance of your model.


Defines the layer, activation or cell according to its parameters.

Format Weight

Adds the weights of layer selected by index or by name to the weights table. Use this function before the Load all Weights by index or name function.

Get Weight

Converts variant layer weights to array.

Set Weights

Defines the weights of layer selected by the index or by name.

Read Weights

Returns the type def of the layer weights.

Get Weights

Returns the type def of layer weights.

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