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Getting Started

This section explains how to install and configure HAIBAL, Deep learning toolkit for LabVIEW.


System Requirements

Visit the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS to learn about hardware and software requirements.

Download HAIBAL

To download the latest version of HAIBAL, the Deep Learning Development Module (DLDM), visit the DOWNLOAD PAGEΒ .

If you have a Nvidia GPUs compatible with released version of CUDA of platform installer tool, download the latest version of Platform installer here to use your GPU with HAIBAL.

Installation guide

Launch HAIBAL deep learning toolkit installation file and follow the instruction.

Technical support

The support is managed via the forum tool. You can post all your questions, thoughts or suggestions about HAIBAL.

Releases notes

HAIBAL toolkitΒ  is constantly updated. Latest release note is availableΒ HERE.

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