HAIBAL 1.1.0

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      Download link

      Release Notes V1.1.0

      Date of release

      11 january 2023




      Functionality Status Information
      ConvLSTM1D/2D/3D fixed bias initializations
      LSTM fixed bias initialization
      Concatenate fixed axe -1 now working
      Multi Predict Idx fixed Inversion between true and false on the box creating the error
      MNIST DNN/CNN examples fixed There was 1 sample missing in the data load which leads to NaN when going through crossentropy
      Error/Warning new new policy

      Added help documentation.



      Added more than 200 examples online snippets PNG from website documentation for drop these Snippet onto the block diagram and get the depicted code added to your VI

      Added MNIST DNN example.

      Added MNIST CNN example.

      Added Signal DNN example

      Added more than 60 basics examples.

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