About us

Graiphic is a French company of engineers skilled in LabVIEW and passionate about innovation and deep learning.

We offer our users a fast and efficient way to produce deep learning graphs with the LabVIEW language and to easily integrate the models into their projects.

Youssef Menjour

Youssef Menjour

Founder and CTO

There is no genius without madness and believe me at Graiphic we do not lack ambition in this area. We are going to make LabVIEW a real deep learning language and our teams the best in this field.

AloΓ―s Lien

AloΓ―s Lien

Founder and GM

Passionate about deep learning, it is frustrating to be a mere spectator so let’s become actors !

Our Approach

Always be trained, always be on the lookout and never rest on our laurels.

Our Missions

Make customers’ lives easier, give them access to deep learning on LabVIEW and help them make their project a success.

Our Vision

To establish LabVIEW as the reference language in industrial and scientific deep learning.

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