Student academic program eligibily rules

Last updated on March 6th, 2023

Context and motivation

TheΒ HAIBAL Student Academic ProgramΒ was established to provide easy access to students wishing to use the LabVIEW Deep Learning Library in their various study projects.

To this end, we are offering students aΒ free HAIBAL license giving full access to the toolkit.

Characteristics of the student license

  • This licence isΒ FREE.
  • This license has a duration ofΒ a maximum of 6 monthsΒ of activation.
  • This student licence is nominative and is addressed only to one person.
  • It can be installed only once time on one workstation without possible desactivation.
  • All the functionalities are available.

As there is some restrictions on the student license, this license is a restricted license.

What are the conditions to apply for a student license ?

  • Be a student and justify it with an student identity card by sending us a demand at this address :Β
  • Describe the project you would like to do with the HAIBAL toolkit on the forumΒ at this addressΒ following this title normΒ β€œ[Academia program][Name of your school] (The Title of your project) β€œΒ for the subject.

Example of title of post: [Academia program][MIT] Creative and Controllable Image Synthesis with Composable Conditions

At this point, you meet all the requirements to be eligibleΒ for the simple student program which entitles you to a three-month permit.

How to benefit from the 6 months of free access ?

  • Fulfill the previous conditions (be a studentΒ +Β share a description of the project).
  • To have a tutor within the university who would beΒ a professor or a researcherΒ who would accept to be our contact within this establishment.

To apply, we need a contact request from the candidate’s tutor. This request would be sent by email to this address:Β

providing us with the following information:

  • name/first name of the applicant tutor
  • contact details
  • function within the university
  • relationship with the student
  • what interest this tutor has for the toolkit ?

There is a quota ofΒ 3 free licenses per year per university. Beyond this number, if the student coming from a university demand is too high , we apply a preferential rate to the university so that each student can have a license without restriction.

Renewal conditions of a license

Any restricted license granted by our teams can beΒ renewed for 6 monthsΒ (even for the simple 3-month license).

For this, we evaluate yourΒ positive impactΒ on the community by meeting the following conditions:

  • Share your work to the community
  • Candidate an applicative example to be integrated in HAIBAL toolkit
  • Share on Linkedin the news of HAIBAL
  • Help community in forum

Licensing decision

HAIBAL’s application teams are free to accept or reject the granting of a license.
Nothing is automatic and only the HAIBAL team decides.



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